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Watching the Rodeo

The Dream

To build a quality, affordable theme park in Texas that celebrates the Lonestar state's history and folklore

We closed $81,732 in Kickstarter funding on April 29 - THANK YOU for your support! We are deploying this capital for a professional demand study to aid in site selection - stay tuned for updates and the opportunity to join focus groups to help us refine our concept!

Our vision for TexasLand is inspired by Walt Disney’s original hopes for his theme park. On opening day in 1955, the rides at Disneyland were not filled with popular movie characters, but with stock stories from the public imagination: pirates, haunted mansions, and railroads. The park also served as an equalizer of sorts; until recent pricing hikes, a family of four could save for tickets without blowing their quarterly leisure budget. We believe these two elements – archetypal stories told in immersive settings, and accessibility for young families – will succeed in the unique Texas landscape. Imagine riding an underground train through Bowie's Lost Silver Mine or venturing beyond the Gulf in Bandits of the High Seas! Texas has a rich history unexplored by popular entertainment, and its families deserve their own place to experience that history brought to life.

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